Product Update

Improved PASGT Helmet Suspension Assembly and Headband

Description: The Improved PASGT Helmet Suspension Assembly (webbing) and Headband are wider than the version they replace. This increases helmet stability and comfort. In addition, the headband uses hook and pile straps to attach the headband to the suspension webbing, eliminating the metal clips.

Availability: Natick RD&E Center will begin fielding the Improved PASGT Helmet Suspension Assembly and Headband in Oct. 97 to a limited number of sites. The Defense Personnel Support Center will take over management of the items and availability of the items in March 1998.

Suspension Assembly:

Mat, Sleeping, Self-Inflating Soldiers Ground Insulator (SGI)

Description: The SGI has a minimum outside dimension of 20 inches wide and 72 inches long. The mat has a minimum thickness of less than one inch with no load and fully inflated when the plastic air valve is opened. Deflation of the mat is achieved by pushing air through the plastic valve. The total weight of the mat does not exceed 1.9 pounds.

Availability: The SGI will be Centrally Funded and Fielded to light dismounted combat soldiers in FY1Q98 through FY4Q98. After Central Fielding is completed, it will be made available for requisitioning by authorized users.

NSN: 8465-01-393-6515

For more information call the Army Support Office: R. Wabals (215) 737-2530 or DSN 444-2530.

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